Friday, 16 December 2011

World Exclusive Angry Birds!

Speaking of launching on Getjar, I had to know how they managed to get Angry Birds to launch exclusively on Getjar. Patrick told me that the founder of Getjar, Think you'll be heading to the Android Market to get your next fix of Rovio Mobile's insanely popular Angry Birds? Think again. Here's a first look at the hidden level for the game Angry Birds, which can be accessed during Sunday's Super Bowl through a code found. Amazon's Android app store, which is due to open its doors later this month, will be home to an exclusive Angry Birds game.
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Exclusive Birds and Petshop!

Common Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus) is a freshwater bird locally known as Valikukulhu or Olhuvalu Kanbili , a duck-like bird in the Rallidae family is found almost exclusively within fresh water wetlands around well-vegetated marshes and ponds in Fuvahmulak. Common Moorhen is basically confined to Fuvahmulak, the atoll island inhabited in the South nearest to the equator in the Maldives. Elsewhere in the world, the Common Moorhen is commonly found rail species. Common Moorhen has a yellow tipped red bill; their legs are greenish and unwebbed feet, with orange or red bands on the lower part. Adults have white stripes on the flanks and have a white rump divided by a black band. Croaks and squawks make up their voice. At ANIMAL FOOTPRINTS we buy and sell all species of exotic birds for example: African Greys, Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures etc
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Common Moorhen is a protected bird in the Maldives; hence, their capture, sale and captivity have been prohibited. However, there are no vital conservation measures taken to protect the nesting habitats of Common Moorhen. In order to flourish the Common Moorhen, the exclusive bird of Fuvahmulak, it is vital to protect the habitat of this beautiful and interesting bird and control pests such as rats and cats. Common Moorhen both male and female birds help to build the nest of floating vegetation. Nests of the Moorhen are built on the water or very close by. The male carries the materials and the female arranges them. Nests are also stages for courtship, and it is ritualized and courtship chasing also associated with pair formation.

The Common Moorhen usually lay from five to eleven eggs that are greenish white with spots. However some study shows that the Common Moorhen lays three to four eggs in the tropics. Though no research has been done local people assume that Common Moorhen in Faumulak lays three eggs. In a Common Moorhen nest, more than three eggs can be seen, but sometime wetland bird White-breasted Waterhen (Amaurornis phoenicurus) locally know as Kanbli also lays eggs in the nest of Common Moorhen. It takes between 20 to 21 days for the eggs to hatch. The young take 32 days or two months to fledge.

The Common Moorhen nest has a wide shallow cup in the center for the eggs, may be partly floating. Adults eat the eggshells after the chicks hatch. They feed the chicks soon after hatching, mostly insects and their larvae.

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