Thursday, 2 February 2012

Celebrity Has Megan Fox had plastic surgery With Cool Hairstyle

Celebrity Has Megan Fox had plastic surgery With Cool Hairstyle, Megan Fox pictures. Megan is rumoured to have had both lip injections and a nose job. We're not so sure. Critics accuse her of trying to transform herself into the new Angelina Jolie but we think she has always looked beautiful. Take a look at these Megan pics and judge for yourself. Hollywood starlet Megan Fox is no stranger to garnering public attention, with the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen actress making daily headlines for her outlandish comments and seemingly flawless exterior. However fans of the 23-year-old have taken to the internet recently, with the very specific agenda of studying Fox’ face and breasts.

According to reports yesterday, critics of Fox are urging interviewers to quiz the actress on her surgeries in her next interview, “instead of asking her to push her faux bi-sexuality on us again.” Ouch.

According to polls, fans and critics of Fox have voted their public opinion that the brunette has almost certainly gone under the knife to acquire her now famous appearance. While the vast majority of her fans claim not to be opposed to cosmetic enhancement, they do claim to be put-off by Megan’s inability to admit to her procedures.

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